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Tometo 0.4

There's quite a lot in this release:


  • Added an admin panel (D12, D22)
  • Used our own localhosted fonts instead of GFonts or any external library, to reduce latency (rTOME04634e4b9a69)
  • Started linting Elixir more thoroughly (D13)
  • Added Q/A functionality (D14, D16, D17, D18, D20)
  • Rewrote the frontend in Svelte (D15)
  • Redesigned the UI with Spectre (D17)
  • Updated our license to Prosperity 3.0 (rTOME12ab8f006d13)
  • Added Redis and exq (D19)
  • Updated Phoenix to 1.5 (D23)

Bug fixes

  • Tometo now only logs the user out when a 401 or 403 response is returned during the initial poll (D21)
Written by aun on Apr 25 2020, 5:00 PM.
tometo developer

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